Event COVID-19 Protocol and Recommendations for Teams

FIRST Wisconsin is currently developing a plan for local FIRST event COVID-19 protocols that will be reassessed and updated based off the current trends and infection rates. If you have any immediate questions please contact us




COVID-19 Update

Chris Rake, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at FIRST provided an update detailing their recommendations for team members to get vaccinated if they are in areas with widespread access, and HQ's current plans for events during the 2021-222 season.

WI Department of Health Services


COVID-19: Staying Safe in Your Community

Statewide general recommendations for staying safe within your community. Discusses how to assess the risk of different events and best practices to prevent spreading COVID,



COVID Data Tracker

Search by state and county to get information about your local areas, such as infection rate, deaths, and hospitalizations. It can display historical data as well as current, allowing users to observe local trends.

CDC: Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools

It's extremely important that teams remain vigilant in monitoring the current situation within their school, community, and state when making decisions for events and meetings. Below you can find information from the CDC about preventing COVID in K-12 Schools