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FIRST Wisconsin Alumni is a group for alumni from or living in the state of Wisconsin working to help promote connections and the presence of FIRST within the state


Membership Benefits


Networking and social events with other alumni in the area


Industry connections and internship opportunities


Organized volunteering opportunities at all levels of FIRST

Meet the Committee!

i-LgD5HvW-4K (1).jpg

FIRST Wisconsin Alumni is overseen by a dedicated committee of alumni who help plan socials, coordinate volunteering events, and help spread the word about opportunities to other Wisconsin alumnae.

Allison Conrad_edited.jpg

Allison Conrad

Amber Wycklendt_edited.jpg

Amber Wycklendt

Andrew Kempen_edited.jpg

Andrew Kempen

Bree Gahagan_edited.jpg

Bree Gahagan

Bridget Lee_edited.jpg

Bridget Lee

Dilpreet Randhawa_edited.jpg

Dilpreet Randhawa

Emma Schuff_edited.jpg

Emma Schuff

Erik Orlowski_edited.jpg

Erik Orlowski

Ethan Dong_edited_edited.jpg

Ethan Dong

Everen Wegner_edited.jpg

Everen Wegner

Greg Billetdeaux_edited.jpg

Greg Billetdeaux

Julia Sajdowitz_edited.jpg

Julia Sajdowitz

Miriam Huerta_edited.jpg

Miriam Huerta

Nathan DuPont_edited.jpg

Nathan DuPont

Rachel Hunter_edited.jpg

Rachel Hunter

Sawyer Haese_edited.jpg

Sawyer Haese

Tyler Vander Velden_edited.jpg

Not Pictured:

Ernst Arnhold

Chandra Chouhan

Justin Cooper

Dylan Powers

Tyler Vander Velden

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