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FIRST Senior Mentor, Northern Wisconsin

Emma Schuff has been a FIRST® Senior Mentor for Wisconsin since June of 2018. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where she received her B.S. in Psychology and is currently a Certified Child Life Specialist at Children's Wisconsin. Emma first became involved in FIRST when her dad started mentoring FIRST Robotics Team 93 when she was just over six months old. She participated on a FIRST LEGO® League team from 2009-2012 and joined FIRST Robotics Team 93 in the fall of 2013. FIRST Senior Mentors work in a hands-on environment, filling in the gaps of support to whomever and whatever is needed across all FIRST programs. Emma plans to expand the FIRST programs throughout northern Wisconsin, especially in rural areas. Emma hopes to share her passion of FIRST with everyone and make FIRST available to every student in the state.

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FIRST Senior Mentor, Southern Wisconsin

Jane Blau has been a FIRST® Senior Mentor for Wisconsin since June of 2016. She is a nurse, full time office manager, proud mother of three sons & 4 grandchildren! She has been involved with FIRST® since 1998 when her sons were students on a  FIRST® LEGO® League team and then progressed to a  FIRST® Robotics Competition team. FIRST® Senior Mentors work in a hands-on environment, filling in the gaps of support to whomever and whatever is needed across all FIRST® programs. Jane enjoys connecting teams with many resources, donations, funding, training opportunities, current information and more at the FIRST® Lego League, FIRST® Tech Challenge, and FIRST® Robotics Competition levels.


President of FIRST Wisconsin

As a student in FIRST, Renee Becker-Blau discovered her passion for community building, laying the foundation for a twenty-year journey with the program. Throughout that time, she actively volunteered in all FIRST programs, provided mentorship to over 22 teams, and immersed herself in the fields of youth development and nonprofit management.
Due to these formative experiences, Renee cultivated the belief that every student, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic background, should have the opportunity to choose if they would like to pursue a career in STEM, rather than having that choice predetermined by life circumstances or zip code. Drawing from her personal experiences and as a witness to the transformative power of the FIRST program, she is dedicated to fostering inclusive environments where students can thrive.

With a Bachelor's degree in Scientific & Technical Communication and a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management, Renee effectively utilized her expertise to expand student access to the FIRST program, both during her tenure with FIRST Indiana Robotics (2013-2023) and as the current President of FIRST Wisconsin.
A community building, trailblazing, #STEMINIST, she firmly believes that our future is built better together.

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FIRST Tech Challenge Program Manager

Event Support

Over the past 15 years, Trevor Carter has become a pillar of the FIRST Tech Challenge community in the state of a Wisconsin.  He is an alumni of the program and has volunteered at over 100 FIRST events, with all three FIRST programs, across several states. 

He grew up in Hortonville, where he was on FTC Team 217 the Kinetic Polar Bears. Trevor attended UW-Platteville and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Upon graduation, Trevor worked as a Control Engineer for various companies in the Madison, WI area. 

This direct application of FIRST experience and a strong attribution of particular skills, makes Trevor an ideal person for the role of FIRST Tech Challenge Program Manager. He believes that everyone has a place in the program and that we should create a welcoming and inclusive space and provide opportunities to strengthen our community.

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FIRST Robotics Competition Program Manager

Team Support

Greg Billetdeaux - Bio to Come


FIRST Robotics Competition Program Delivery Partners

Event Support

Barry Black - Bio to Come


FIRST Robotics Competition Program Delivery Partners

Event Support

Jeff Fenstermaker - Bio to Come

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FIRST Wisconsin Development Assistant 

Kayla Kahler has been involved with FIRST® ever since graduating from the FIRST® Robotics Competition program in 2014. She is an alumnae of Team 1625 (Winnovation; Winnebago, IL). Since then, she's been able to volunteer at events for all levels of programming. Kayla graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she currently works as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Kayla is grateful that participating in FIRST® programming led her to a career in STEAM. Kayla is excited to support FIRST® WI communications efforts to ensure that students throughout the state have access to an exceptional experience in FIRST®.  

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