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FTC Mid-Season Update

Hello FTC Teams,

With half of our events behind us, we're in the final stretch to the State Championship! Some helpful housekeeping details and locations of season information include:

  1. You can find official event results for all previous FTC Events via the FTC Event Webpage, under "Wisconsin".

  2. FTC mentors, who submitted their students as 2024 FIRST Wisconsin Dean's List Semi-Finalists, will receive information next week regarding scheduling interviews with our Dean's List Interview Judges for your students.

    1. Interviews will take place the week of February 11th.

  3. Videos of FTC Match play and trainings for teams can be found via the **NEW** FIRST Wisconsin YouTube Page!

    1. Hit Subscribe

    2. Watch the Education Committee from the Student Board of Directors provide helpful tips, training, and other resources

    3. Watch match play video from the season

  4. Speaking of official event results, congratulations to the following FIRST Wisconsin FTC Teams who will be advancing to the 2024 FTC Wisconsin State Championship!

Congratulations teams! We'll announce an updated list of advancing teams after our next few qualifying tournaments.

All the Best,

Renee Becker-Blau

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e johnson
e johnson
03. feb.

What is the status update for end of Jan 2024?

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