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RSVP for the FIRST Wisconsin Townhall Meeting

GE Healthcare Magnetic Resonance Center

August 24th, 2023 at 5:30 - 7:30pm

This is an in-person meeting for FIRST Wisconsin community members who are passionate about increasing student access to the FIRST program. Special thanks to GE Healthcare for hosting this meeting for our community! This meeting will include 90mins of facilitated brainstorming focused on identifying...

  • Barriers related to increasing program access

  • Solutions to remove those barriers

  • Opportunities to increase student participation

  • Next steps and their priorities

The meeting will include cookies and there will be an optional post-event social for those available.

Come for the cookies, stay for the content:

  • 5:00pm - Doors Open (enjoy some cookies)

  • 5:30pm - Where we are + where we're going (annual report + strategic plan)

  • 6:00pm - Highly interactive brainstorming (your time to shine)

  • 7:30pm - End of meeting (optional socializing post-event)

P.S.- Can't make it in-person? The "where we are + where we're going" presentation will be posted to our blog after the event.

P.P.S. - Really wanted to participate in the brainstorming? On 9/7 FIRST Wisconsin will host a virtual brainstorming session to collect the final input for our strategic planning project. Watch the next e-news for a link to RSVP for the virtual option.

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