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Using RSS Feed to Automate Sharing FIRST Wisconsin Updates

Coaches & Mentors, let's hit the easy button on sharing these blog posts with your team.

It's time to streamline and automate our systems to make it simple for you to keep your team up-to-date on program updates. Most teams use some type of channel-based communication platform for real-time messaging and file sharing - Discord and Slack being the two I am most familiar with.

If your team uses Slack...

Go to "Channels" select "Create" and click "Create Channel"

Call the channel "#first-updates" and type "/feed help" into the message box at the bottom of the channel. When you hit enter, Slackbot will provide you with information on how to set-up your feeds.

To subscribe your channel to the FIRST Wisconsin RSS feed for this blog copy and paste the following text:

If your team uses Discord...

This was the first Feed Bot I found for adding RSS feeds to a channel - If your team uses Discord and would be willing to set-up the channel and take screenshots, I'll add that info here with a friendly shout-out for your help.

Other Useful RSS Feeds

You can add each of these to the channel and get updates on when new FRC, FTC, or FLL blogs are posted:

I hope this makes your team communications a bit more streamlined.

Have a fantastic summer!


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