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As of July 2023 we are building out our list of contacts and need you to opt-in to the various communications you'd like to receive.

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Q. Which program should I select?

A. Any and all programs you're interested in! FIRST Wisconsin is the program delivery organization for the FIRST Tech Challenge (7th - 12th grade) and FIRST Robotics Competition (9th - 12th grade) programs. If you're also interested in FIRST LEGO League, we'll direct you to our good friends at Badger Bots to stay in touch with their organization and opportunities too!

Q. Why do I need to select a "role"?

A. FIRST Wisconsin aims to provide you with the information YOU WANT to read. If you're a coach of a team, the information you're looking for will be different than that of a parent who is new to the program. Help us, help YOU, by selecting your roles.

Q. How often will I get emails from you?

A. Depends on the role! Generally, our mentors/coaches would receive an update a few times a month, all other groups would receive either monthly or quarterly updates depending on the time of year.

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