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FTC Team Resources: FTCWIRES Software Platform for CENTERSTAGE

FIRST Wisconsin loves to share resources created by our FTC teams! Take a look at the new FTCWIRES software platform for Centerstage, thank you to the teams that put this together.

New FTCWIRES software platform for Autonomous Programming with New Roadrunner1.8 and Vision Portal

FTCWIRES Software Platform for Centerstage, with new Roadrunner 1.8 and vision portal is now released!. Check it out at:

Many FTC teams use the Roadrunner library for motion planning and programming autonomous mode. The library was recently updated to Rev1.8, with significant changes from the last season's 0.5.6 version. Thanks to Ryan Brott for the update!. Lots to explore in it.

The FTCWIRES software platform release integrates Roadrunner 1.8, vision portal for pixel detection, and has an example autonomous mode implemented. A detailed instructions document on how to install, configure and tune roadrunner is also provided. This includes screenshots, videos and description of each step. The goal is to enable rookie or newer teams to use roadrunner. Good for teams using OnBot Java too. Please register and get access to the code and instructions, and please provide feedback on the same.

Several Wisconsin teams used the platform in the previous season. Feedback from the teams have been taken in building the new version. Notably detailing the tuning instructions and changing the coordinate system from field centric to robot starting point. One can now drive around using TeleOp to positions wanted in Autonomous, read the coordinates off the telemetry and enter in autonomous mode. Significant reduction in calculations, guessing and iterations!

FTC WIRES (Wisconsin Rises To Enable STEAM growth) is an initiative by several teams to grow FTC teams in the state by providing resources collated across teams. Check it out at You can also contribute to the site by emailing

Thank you to the FTCWIRES teams for sharing this resource!

All the Best,

Renee Becker-Blau

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