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Production Hub Program

As a part of a new initiative started by FIRST Wisconsin Student Board of Directors, we have created a network of teams that will be able to print and cut custom parts for teams. This will be called the "Production Hub Program".

Teams who volunteer with the program will be called "Production Hub Teams" and new teams, or teams without the resources, can reach out to have custom-designed parts cut. Parts will be able to be created through CNC routers, 3D printers, and a laser engraver. 

Below is a preliminary list of production hub teams and the machines they have volunteered to use.

  • FTC Team 16460 - GEarheads: CNC Router, 3D Printer, Laser Engraver 

  • FTC Team 8680 - Kraken Pinion: CNC Router, 3D Printer 

  • FTC Team 4106 - Supposable Thumbs: 3D Printer 

  • FRC Team 6421 - WarriorBots: 3D Printer 

  • FRC Team 9535 - The Knack: CNC Router

Below is a map linked with a pinned location of where each of the production hub teams are located.  

If your team would like to become a production hub team for Wisconsin please reach out to Jess, our Student Board of Directors Production Hub Project Lead, for more information via the FIRST Wisconsin contact form

Teams wanting to have parts created through the production hub team will reach out directly through the provided team contact information included in the Google Map. It is important to note that, at this time, teams wanting to have parts made will be responsible for supplying the production hub teams with the needed material(s).

Thank you!

2023-2024 FIRST Wisconsin Student Board of Directors.

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