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FIRST Wisconsin Townhall - FRC Model of Play

Hello FRC Teams!

FIRST Wisconsin has hosted two of our three townhall meetings. Our first meeting was at the Wisconsin Regional, on Friday, March 15th and our second meeting was at the Seven Rivers Regional, on Thursday, April 4th.

At each meeting we walked through this presentation:

FIRST WI Townhall - Model of Play Discussion - Blog
Download PDF • 2.30MB

The meetings were organized into three parts:

  1. The role and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors, who they are for FIRST Wisconsin, and the issue they're discussing.

  2. Information regarding the regional vs. district models of play.  

  3. Gathering opinions, feedback, and concerns from the community.

Our third FIRST Wisconsin Townhall Meeting for will take place virtually on Wednesday, April 10th between 5:30pm - 7:00pm CT for any mentors who were unable to attend a prior meeting due to competition schedules and/or mentors interested in sharing their feedback, concerns, or opinions, now that they've had time to process the information being shared.

RSVP information for the third meeting was shared in the FIRST Wisconsin Newsletter, on the FIRST Wisconsin Calendar, and at both of the in-person meetings. Final reminders will be shared via direct email and via FIRST Wisconsin Social Media posts. Click here to RSVP.

The session will include representatives from the FIRST Wisconsin Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers. It will be formatted to include sharing feedback and concerns collected from the community to-date.

Useful links are summarized here:

I'm looking forward to the discussion.

All the Best,

Renee Becker-Blau

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