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16 Laptops Available for Teams in Need!

Hello FIRST Community,

Take a look at this blog post from FTC GEarheads (16460). This team identified a problem in the community and used their leadership and tech skills to solve it. This is an excellent example of Gracious Professionalism and the Core Values of FIRST.


Does your FLL or FTC Team need a laptop for coding, CAD, or other tech skills? Or does your team have old laptops you have outgrown and want to donate to other teams or STEM organizations in need?

The FTC GEarheads (#16460) have been collecting, refurbishing and distributing used laptops for the past 2 seasons. They have given 25+ laptops to robotics teams in Milwaukee, a school in Honduras, and STEM non-profit organizations.

Currently, the team has 16 more laptops READY to give to FIRST teams in need!

If you have or know of a team in need of a laptop without the economic means to purchase one, please contact the FTC GEarheads at We would love to get your seasons kicked off right and provide tech access to everyone we can!

Take a look at the flyer below with more information and FAQs about the project!

Computer Repurposing Project FAQs-Aug 2023 (1)
Download PDF • 207KB

FTC GEarheads, thank you for embodying the values of the FIRST organization and for your Gracious Professionalism!

FIRST Wisconsin loves highlighting the amazing work of our FTC and FRC teams, please consider submitting a blog post sharing your stories of community impact via our contact form.

Renee Becker-Blau

President of FIRST Wisconsin

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