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Brian Bytes: Virtual KOP Voucher Codes!

An update from Brian reminding teams to use their Voucher Codes!

Don't forget to use your virtual Kit of Parts vouchers to stock up on robot parts!

Lead mentors can access your virtual Kit of Parts vouchers through the FIRST Inspires team dashboard, under Payment & Product -> Passwords/Voucher Codes.

A full list of the vouchers can be found on the Kit of Parts website.

Some are pretty easy to decide what to get, such as robot parts from AndyMark or REV Robotics.

Other vendors that aren't FRC-specific have a lot more choices, which can be nice, but also more difficult to use. You could use the Digi-Key voucher to get ring terminals for batteries or motors, or you could spend the whole AutomationDirect voucher on a few thousand zip ties (like we did). Maybe you're not using pneumatics this year, but you could get an air tank or two from Clippard and learn it in the offseason.

If you're not sure what to get or need help ensuring you're selecting the right part, please reach out! No matter what, make sure you are taking advantage of the free stuff that FIRST and its sponsors are providing you.

Be sure to check the expiration dates, as some come up quickly.

Especially for younger teams, stocking up on these items is a great way to build up your resources so you have parts on hand for future robot builds!

Thanks for the great advice, Brian!


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