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FRC first event registration - closes 9/28

Thanks to Brian from FRC 930 for this reminder that FRC Round One Event Preferencing opens Thursday, 9/21 and closes 9/28!

The first event registration round opens tomorrow 9/21, and closes 9/28. You'll put in your prioritized list of events you want for your first event. After that closes, teams are registered or waitlisted for their first event.
Then, the same process will happen again starting on 10/5 and ending 10/12 where teams can put in their preferences for second event, which will be chosen shortly after the registration window closes. Unrestricted event registration (for 3rd events, or if you did not sign up for additional events yet) opens on 10/26.
The full calendar of the registration open / close dates can be found here

Mentors, if you have resources, tips, suggestions, or reminders you'd like to share, please send them in!



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