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FTC CENTERSTAGE Kickoff Countdown

It's t-minus 17 days to our September 9th FTC Kickoff!

This season we have two locations in Wisconsin that will be hosting teams for official FTC Kickoff events (with official fields!) on Saturday, September 9th.

There was some creative license taken around determining the kickoff names in partnership with our generous hosts. We were inspired by the "FIRST IN SHOW" theme and our 2023-2024 FTC CENTERSTAGE challenge. The team at FIRST Wisconsin is pleased to announce the following Kickoff events will take place on September 9th.

Just for fun, we created two short poll questions to get some general feedback from our FTC Community. We'd love to know if you travel to an FTC Kickoff Location (i.e. yes or no) and what your ideal schedule for FTC Kickoff looks like - (i.e. Do you want to stay in at the team shop or travel to a live kickoff location? Would you like workshops? Do you want to attend in-person?, etc.)

Do you travel to an FTC Kickoff location?

  • Yes

  • No

What is an ideal schedule for FTC Kickoff?

  • Stay-in + virtual workshops + local updates + Kickoff

  • Stay-in + watch short FIRST WI updates + Kickoff

  • Stay-in + Kickoff (with no local updates)

  • Travel + local updates + Kickoff + field review

Share your September 9th, FTC Kickoff Activities with FIRST Wisconsin via our Social Media!


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