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FTC Mentor Network: Sponsorship & Fundraising for Teams

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Save the date - November 1st at 7pm CT! We have the first topic for discussion with our FIRST Wisconsin FTC Mentor Network: Sponsorship & Fundraising for Teams.

As a reminder, you can sign-up for and join the FIRST Wisconsin FTC Mentor Network here!

Learn more about the upcoming session from the FIRST Wisconsin FTC Mentor Network Coordinator, Amjad Jabbar:

Hello Mentors,

As we have reached a good enrollment number, we will start planning sessions on topics of interest suggested. Here is the first topic of interest session:

Please submit any questions via the Microsoft Teams group!

Reminder to all:

Last date of submission for WI DPI Robotics League Participation Grant is Nov 1 2023. Please don't miss the opportunity to apply for it. The application process is quite simple and straight forward.

You can apply up to $6000 worth of matching funds. Apply equal to what you can raise funds for, and half of what you can spend before June 30 2024. Best would be you raise $6000, DPI matches $6000 and you spend $12000.

Unlike previous year, there is high probability of getting close to $6000 given the grant fund itself is increased to $750K, up by 50%.

Amjad Jabbar

WI FTC Mentor Network Coordinator

This is sure to be a popular discussion, stay tuned for more sessions, which will also be posted on the FIRST Wisconsin calendar of events. Join the FIRST Wisconsin FTC Mentor Network to stay in the loop!

All the Best,


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Amjad Jabbar
Amjad Jabbar
Nov 02, 2023

Discussion Slides and Notes of the meeting can be found at this Teams Folder : 02 – Sponsorship and Fundraising

To get access to the folders, click this link to join FIRST Wisconsin FTC Mentor Network

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