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*NEW RESOURCE* FIRST Mentor Coach Checklist

FIRST created a "FIRST Mentor Coach Checklist" - which breaks down the introduction to mentoring in the FIRST program into ten starting steps! For mentors / coaches of all programs there's a wealth of information on this webpage.

Take a look at these ten steps to prepare yourself to be an effective FIRST coach or mentor - did you learn anything new after reading it?

Is it tl:dr (too long; didn't read)? - Check out my list of top 3 resources included in the Checklist.

RBB's Top 3 Resources in the FIRST Mentor Coach Checklist:

  1. The PDF Version of the Mentor Coach Checklist is a GOLD mine - 3.25 pages and all sites / training resources are linked in the document! Consider it your quick and easy reference guide.

  2. Check out Step #3 - it includes a short and sweet, 10-step list for creating a team - pass this along to your outreach crew and see what schools in the area want to start a FIRST team.

  3. Under Step #6 - "Review FIRST Trainings for Mentors and Coaches" there are three amazing resources (... woops! this just turned into a list of the TOP FIVE Resources, but they're worth it):

    1. "Mentoring and Coaching with FIRST" = All in one mentor onboarding training, don't reinvent the wheel, use the training here to give your new mentors a base-line understanding of FIRST.

    2. "Youth Protection Training" = Always critically important for a youth-serving organization, this YPP training helps you RECOGNIZE situations that may pose a threat to team member safety, shares steps to take the actions necessary to PREVENT injuries, and includes useful recommendations for REPORTING the problem.

    3. "Inspiring Success Training" = I strongly recommend team mentors watch these trainings, but make sure you're also having fun as a group. This specific training was designed for coaches and mentors who are committed to creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable teams. If you're looking for a way to create a sense of belonging for students on your team, this training is for you!

Dig into the content and let FIRST WI know what you find to be most helpful. Think something is missing? Let us know via our contact form.

All the Best,


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