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Where we are & where we're going!

On August 24th FIRST Wisconsin hosted our first Annual Townhall Meeting to set our benchmarks on where FIRST is located within the state and to gather community input on our strategic plan.

While a highly successful meeting, a number of people could not make the meeting in-person but we wanted to make sure you all had an opportunity to participate in this brainstorming. As promised (and only a few days later than planned), FIRST Wisconsin will host a virtual brainstorming session to collect the final input for our strategic planning project.

The meeting will take place Thursday, September 28th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm CT via Microsoft Teams. Click the below button to enter the event "waiting room".

This meeting will focus on prioritizing the most critical actions and programs FIRST Wisconsin needs to grow and sustain FIRST in our state. This meeting is the cumulation of a nine month project where we set the stage, gathered feedback, generated ideas, and invited the community to answer three questions:

  • By 2040, in Wisconsin, what does an ideal student experience in FIRST look like?

  • By 2040, what type of "services", "trainings", or "products" should FIRST Wisconsin facilitate?

  • By 2040, what does FIRST Wisconsin look like as a nonprofit organization?

This is the chance for our community to review the common themes that were identified, share any ideas that are missing, and provide input on what goals should be prioritized for our first three-year plan, spanning July 2024 - June 2027.

(P.S. - I have an RBB IOU for our community, I will be posting the "where we are and where we're going" presentation from our late August meeting, along with our annual report, but that time-frame is going to be closer to October. I have a few minor house keeping items to clean up (board members, Student Board of Director roles, website updates, photo swaps, etc) and it's taking longer than planned to get out to you. I wanted to make sure you were aware I have it on my radar and it will be shared with you!)

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