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WI FTC State Championship Advancement

Updated: Feb 9

Congratulations to the advancing teams for the Wisconsin FTC State Championship on March 2nd, 2024! We can't wait to see you at the MSOE Kern Center!

The following teams will be competing.

FTC Team 10829 Bay Robotics

FTC Team 16460 Gearheads

FTC Team 16310 Rising Rhinobots

FTC Team 13201 Hazmat

FTC Team 19417 Superstellar

FTC Team 21180 Error 418

FTC Team 16322 Silver Storm

FTC Team 10100 Phoenix Force

FTC Team 22526 FSA Firetech

FTC Team 17235 Mr Cod

FTC Team 21355 Turtle Tek

FTC Team 21737 BCFR Green Eggs and Program

FTC Team 19367 Greendale Robotics: Alien

FTC Team 14361 Laser Tech

FTC Team 4106 Supposable Thumbs

FTC Team 22458 Attack Hampsterz

FTC Team 8680 Kracken Pinion

FTC Team 9225 Dynamite Social Club

FTC Team 7974 Great Scott!

FTC Team 24683 Mighty HAPA Bots

FTC Team 20293 Laser Bots

FTC Team 24288 Robohackers

FTC Team 9224 Techno GOATS

FTC TEAM 8755 E-Storm

We are so proud of all of our Wisconsin FTC teams who have had an incredible CENTERSTAGE season!

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